Daum Equation Editor App Reviews

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hey how can we delete if we don't like your this app. it stock to my app launcher and coudn't get rid off pls. hahaha

Great app but needs “open equation…” functionality

Great app and I really like the “dual display” functionality that shows the equation both in tex and interpretted tex. However, I wish they made it easier to open tex files created by this app. It is not a big deal to open a text file copy the contents and paste it in the “tex” section but “open file…” would save some more time.

Simple and Functional tool

I deleted MathMagic immediately after just one use of this tool. Very userfriendly and the right tool I was looking for and above all it is free. Thank you.


So greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!

Love this app

I use this app every week when writing my lab report for food analysis class. Thank you for putting this app out and especially for making it free.

Using with WordPress LaTeX plugin

My original plan was to use the Daum Equation Editor to create equation-containing images that I could insert in blog posts. When I saw the TeX window, however, I realized that I could insert the TeX code itself, if I could find a WordPress plugin that would render it properly. And I did find one: QuickLaTeX. Now, without ever having had to learn a single LaTeX command (other than what I’ve absorbed using the Daum Equation Editor), I have a simple workflow that guarantees the equation I create in the Equation Editor will look identical when it appears in the finished WP page. It also has the advantage of not having to worry about font size in the Editor, since the WP plugin takes care of that. The Editor itself is straightforward and, if you’ve ever used MathType (or its lesser MS Word sibling), familiar.

This app is awesomely free...

and it works great on El Capitan! Thanks, Daum Comminucations! Woohoo!

Can’t believe this was free

Easy to use, and the results are great! I can’t believe this was free!

great but need better export resolution

Edit! For those needing to export higher res - after making your formula, increase the font to max, this will give a higher res picture. Not perfect, but a workable solution for presentations/printed papers (maybe not high enough res for posters though). Feature requests: - Automatic encapsulation of selected elements into new element when clicked (e.g. if X is selected, and the square root button is pressed, X should be automatically added within the square root sign to produce √X, instead of overwriting X and producing just √ ) - Custom fonts - Custom resolution image export

Use Big Fonts for Pasting, Also Good for LaTeX

I use this for cutting and pasting formulas into Keynote presentations. The quality of the type is fine if you set the font size to 36pt or 48pt and then expand or contract to the desired size. It is also more intuitive (and faster to turn around!) than formulas written directly into TeX or LaTeX.

New to LaTex

If you are new to Latex, then this is a great tool for you! Super helpful for seeing the equations built up in the style of Microsoft Equation Editor, but then also seeing the latex code below it. As I gained more familiarity with latex, I started just writing latex code for form equations, and being able to see where I made a mistake was super helpful, rather than getting an error when compling my latex document. It's free, It's super useful, You should get it. Even if you do not want to use it for latex, it still allows you to export the equation you built as a png for inserting into something like powerpoint. I found it a better tool than Microsoft equation editor for this task as you don't have to hunt for symbols.

Works Pretty Well

It was easy to enter a test equation (quadratic formula) copy the image of the equation using the “copy image” button, and paste it into a pages document. (I don’t have word, so I can’t test that.) The image was rather low resolution, and looked fuzzy the first time I tried this. I increased the font size to 48 pts, copied/pasted the image again, and then proportionally resized it to the match the size of the first try. The quality was quite a bit better. I really like the combined graphical and TeX input for this app. I can use TeX text-mode for simple equations where I can type faster than I can mouse. On the other hand, if I don’t remembe the TeX colloquialisms, I can use the graphical construction tools, which are well engineered. I would rate this app higher if the pasted image looked sharp at the original size when pasting. Perhaps the developers could include a setting for the default resolution, in pixels per inch (or cm), of the image when copied to the clipboard.

Really Great Application!

This equation editor is great! The first reason, of course, is that it’s free! Other than that though, the user interface is visually appealing and is easy to use. This application has contributed signifigantely to my studies in college for classes like calculus and chemistry, which often require me to memorize a whole bunch of equations. I can make awesome looking note cards and study sheets with the help of this program. The only thing I would suggest to improve this program would be to allow options for larger and higher-quality images when exporting equations. And maybe even the ability for the user to assign keyboard shortcuts to certain mathmatical symbols/operators (i.e. Option+E for an exponent or Option+F for a fraction).


I needed an easy way to write equations for my lab reports. This program is incredibly user friendly and perfectly adequate for everything I need.

This app has ads

This app contains ads and there is no option to purchase/pay to permanently remove them. Uninstalling. I feel it would have been helpful to include this information in the app summary.


This is a fantastic alternative to math type and other costly academia software. I highly suggest this application if you need to type any math equation

Exactly what I needed

I’m making flash cards for the MCAT and memorizing a lot of equations I haven’t used in 12 years. This app is perfect for writing up the equation (very intuitive if you’ve worked with anything similar in the past, e.g. Mathmatica). The built in export could be better as others have mentioned, but a simple CMD-SHIFT-4 gets you a selectable screen shot that exports to your desktop. You can drag that small photo into probably most all other programs. For me I’m using iFlash. Make the formula, selectable screen shot, drag it into iFlash, done. Simple - Functional - Free - Thanks!

Word Compatibility

This app is really helpful when it comes to my chemstry and calculus classes, however it’s a shame that it cannot copy to word or pages. Even when you highlight the formula, copy, and paste it, it still shows up as text and is unhelpful

Thank you!

This app is incredible. I needed something like this so bad. I would have paid for this. Get it!

Great App! Needs Better Export Type - Blurry!!!

This app is great and allows you to generate anything you could need. I would ask that a method of clearer resolution is adopted for export. In Apple’s “Grapher” app, you can highlight the formula and choose from several different file types(PDF, TIFF, EPS & TEXT) to copy as and then simply paste as that file type into the program you’re using (Pages, Word etc…) Really looking forward to this. The clarity of an enlarged PNG file decreases substantially and copying as text really does me no good.

Better than paid alternatives

I’ve never written a review before for ANY app. This one is simply wonderful - I was considering purchasing an iPad (that I have no need for) because my economics classes were requiring some basic formula writing which I couldn’t write in the notes app. This makes it a breeze to take accurate notes now and I saved the $500 that I would have paid for the iPad. Now all I need is a cheap drawing app that will let me draw simple graphs and I’m all set.

Very helpful with lab write-ups

This app is helpful if you want to insert equations or other matematical symbols into a document. You can insert the text directly into the document as an image, or use the Tex code they provide at the bottom and convert that using a program such as LaTexiT. This app has saved me a lot of time because it generates the Tex code for the equations/symbols you are trying to enter.

Easier than expected

Figured out how to use it almost instantly. I just wish the export images were a little higher quality and I could choose the font I want. Would pay a few books for these features.

This absolutely blew me away!!!! Fantastic!!!

This is by far an amazing program! It would probably be most ideal for teachers who are making up formula sheets (probably for more advanced classes), but i am a college student in calculus 1 and this has been so helpful!!! I made my own formula sheet to organize everything we went over all semester in to one neat place for my final, and there could not have been a better program! i ended up giving it to my teacher to disseminate amongst her future students and she was completely mind blown by how organized and official it looked! I LOVE IT! There are only a few minor things that would make this perfect however: 1) when you click on like the integrand sign where you have to enter in the upper and lower limits into the little dotty boxes, the cursor just immediately goes to the next thing rather than going inside the box so you can enter the limits and such. So if the cursor would go to the first box, then the second, then the third so you can enter in what goes to the right of it, that would be so helpful. It sounds a bit of an insignificant drawback, but it was a substantial annoyance because i wasted so much time trying to get back to the box after i already began to type what i thought was entering inside of the box. 2) The fact that you cant repeatedly save and overwrite previously saved documents is a major hindrance in the program. Every time you save it, you have the option to either save as an image or as text, but it always creates a new file. It never overwrites the previous one, so i end up with one of two things: either 20 copies of my progress with the same document, or risking not saving it at all until im done. This would be much easier if it acted like a word document with a “save” button that you could press whenever to overwrite your previous work. Those are only minor discrepancies and can be worked around, other than that this is definitely probably the best app i have ever downloaded!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!:)))


I’d seriosuly pay for this app. It’s freaking amazing and has made life infinitely easier.

Great! except...

This is a great equation editor with a fantastic UI, which any beginner can use. Advanced CS and math types will love the parallel use of TeX. If only the produced formula could go somewhere other than a painfully low-res png file or ordinary TeX text file. Copy and paste only pastes TeX. The blame here really falls on Apple, who has not yet made this program integrate into Pages the way MathType can. The interface on this editor is so much more modern and easy to use than MathType’s. Apple should buy this and integrate it. :)

Excellent except for image quality

Nice app. I was hoping I could avoid buying MathType and I would have even paid a few dollars for this app. It’s probably wonderful if you’re a TeX user but if you want to insert equations into MS Word, the image quality is just not good enough.

Great editor even for Latex users

This app is really great. It has well-organized layout to make everything easy to find. My favorite feature is it has correponding latex code below so you can edit it directly! For someone who gets annoyed by finding and clicking the bottons it’s a great option.

Great equation editor

I used this equation editor to make equations for a math presentation. It works really well and the output is great. The only thing I would like to see is PDF export for equations. I sometimes need to stretch the equation really big on slides and sometimes even the largest font size isn’t big enough. Either allow bigger font sizes or allow for PDF export (PDF would be preferred).

Great to write and add equations

This is a great app to write equations! saves my life when I use keynote to present my engineering projects in class

Great Application!

This is an amazing equation editor, so amazing that i spared the time to write a review! LaXeT is the gold standard in writing equations for your math research articles, and this actually teaches you some of the syntax.

Like it enough to pay for more!

I teach college statistics, and this program is a great easy-to-use and to-the-point editor that I can use to make equations for my Keynote slides. After copying the image into the slide, I can also copy the TeX syntax for the image into the presenter notes, for later editing. This functionally recreates the MS Powerpoint Equation Editor for my uses in Keynote. Better: images look identical after exporting to alternate presentation formats, which is not always the case with other equation formats. Other reviews mentioned the low image quality of exported equation images. The solution is easy for my purposes: use a larger font, then shrink the resulting image. An ideal solution would involve PDF export of the actual equation so it can scale to extreme sizes after export, and I'd happily plunk down a few bucks for that. As-is, I'm thrilled with what I get for the price.

Near Perfect

More Fonts... More sizes (although resizable), then what about adding pic quality options? Is it possible to make the text part completely compatible to microsoft word 11'?… No?… Still great though.


could's the image quality be better? make it better please, i love it so much

Selective Italics?

This is a great application. Granted, there are a few online equation editors that do the same thing, but this one is really great at teaching you how to use LaTeX. My only gripe is that instead of automatically italicizing just letters, it automatically italicizes everything, including numbers. Although I can highlight characters individually and click the Italics button, it's really inefficient.

Very good

I have been using Microsoft's equation editor with Office '11 for a while now, but have been frustrated by its clunkiness and then necessity of working with Office. This app solves that problem. As an equation editor, it is still a little clunky, but much better than anything Redmond has to offer.

A good equation editor

This is a good equation editor and really flexible. You can put all the simbols that you come by, that is something coming from a MS engineering student. The only thing that I could change is the output. The only image output is as png, therefore is not a good quality image. If you could come up with a better graphic output this program will be my best choice.

Wonderful equation editor

Simple interface, easy to use and has wonderful looking output. This equation editor was also the first I found among half a dozen that has the full range of symbols and layouts needed. Highly recommend a download to give it a shot.

best equation editor!!!!

Cannot believe I never came across this app. this app is so much better than the Microsoft office equation editor.

Still second best Mac equation editor

Great editor with a few shortcomings, but easy to use and beautiful. Five stars (and perhaps I'll switch from LaTexIt) if the following is done: * implement use of AMS packages, especially the fonts (mathbb, mathcal, etc.) * allow 'split' environments (at the moment, split is just a synonym for matrix, which gives ugly results) * PDF output and drag'n'drop of the image produced in 'preview' mode * history of previously typed equations

Simple, clean and beautiful

Does the job, great interface. 5 stars.

Great Product

This is a very clean and simple product. I am very happy with all of the applicative uses and the design and layout is comfortable. One thing I would change is unrestricting the window size. I would maybe like to see a minimized window similar to the mini player with iTunes. The large window can get bulky when using multiple applications on one single screen. Overall, Highly recommended for what it is intended for!

Good, but...

It's Good but it should export as PDF besides image and Text , then i'll give five Stars

Exactly What I Was Looking For!

This app is perfect! It has a grest looking interface and makes it easier to write equations and export them to a word processor. Saves you so much time and makes much better looking equations than any word processor too. Ads are not annoying at all. I'd be willing to pay for an ad-free version ($1-$3?). Only downside is that it does nt currently support full screen.


I am sure how to express my excitement after I found this one. This is more than perfect. I don't use Word-embedded equation editor anymore. This is just awesome. Thank you, Daum!

Excellent equation editor for beginners!

I am a college student going back to school at a later age, and I do not have much experience with technical mathematics programs/apps. I took an online calculus course that required use of an equation editor to make message board posts, and it was one of the most frustrating ordeals I've ever experienced. I never did get the college's browser-based equation editor to work properly, and I wasted countless hours fighting with it (I believe there were some major compatibility issues). I am now enrolled in a physics course that requires professional-grade lab reports, and I was disheartened to read that all equations must be inserted into the reports via an equation editor. I downloaded the Daum Equation Editor and resigned myself to several hours of frustration...but to my great surprise, I found the app to be incredibly user-friendly. I had my first two equations formatted and inserted into my report within minutes. It is also much more aesthetically pleasing than the horrid browser-based equation editor that I grew to hate so much. I have even used it to create beautiful data labels for Excel graphs (Office for Mac) when I was unhappy with the labels in my data sets. The Daum Equation Editor has taken a lot of the stress out of completing my assignments, and I recommend it to anyone who needs a sleek and intuitive equation editor.

Inconsistently saves.

I love the output, when the save works. I don't know where the problem lies, but this app only sucessfully creates files maybe 1 out of 5 attempts. No error messages, no warnings, yet no output file. Bummer, because the output is pretty nice.


I've been looking for an equation editor for my lab reports which I type on Pages. I've finally found an easy to use, simple, quick solution. Thank you! Highly recommended.


This app is absolutely amazing! I use it to write down procedures and notes from my math class then I copy and paste them into my notes app!! It's so awesome!

A dream come true

I am currently recording lesson videos (kind of like KhanAcademy.org) for my class. I was looking for a way of typing in equations real-time using a method in which the only thing that is visible is the math. In other words, I don't want students to see "x^2…", I just want them to see x^2 properly formatted. This does it! I have experience with LaTeX, so using it to enter equations is a breeze. I can't wait to try it in my videos!

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